Agile Systems Integration

Our multi-disciplinary processes will deliver your Robotics & Autonomous Systems (RAS) at pace using in-house capability. It starts with us understanding your capability requirements and it ends with a product that is as complex or as simple as you need.


We develop RAS Concepts of Operation (CONOPs) using User-Centred design processes to ensure the highest level of capability is built into your operations.

We help clients understand the CONOPS achievable through integration of new and existing technologies using our live-virtual Digital Twins to bring use cases to life.


Concept & Design

We design and prototype RAS Concepts and their sub-systems using our tried and tested tools and processes. We have developed many bespoke UAV of different types (fixed wing, VTOL, rotary, rocket launched) and size (17g to 4.5 tonnes) to meet specific customer requirements.

Our Design and Clearance Toolsets are used to accelerate evidence generation and support authority/regulatory approvals.


Test & Evaluation

We provide service to de-risk and evaluate RAS Concepts/Products using modern infrastructure, technology and processes for efficient execution of trials. 

Our mobile T&E facilities and services are used to enhance traditional test ranges, gather, analyse data and disseminate information in multiple locations (UK and abroad).

We monitor and record assets, vehicles, equipment, and personnel on test ranges to blend live data with simulated data, producing a digital twin for accelerated technology/product maturation.


Authority & Regulatory Support

We fly everyday.

We run flights trials on our own flying field or on ranges (in UK or abroad). The 16Km National BVLOS Experimentation Corridor that BlueBear founded is sited at our flying fields.

We develop and apply for your Operational Use Cases, Safety Cases, Permits to Fly, and risk-managed approaches for flying singleton and swarm UAS. We also Operate a family of UAS under a UK CAA authorised enhanced Permissions for EVLOS and BVLOS flying.

We sit on national and international regulatory committees to influence and to keep up to date with new developments. 

We are engaging with CAA and MAA to:

  • accelerate volume operation of UAS in National Airspace through clarification of necessary process, tools and capability.
  • to define the Future Airspace in which UAS and crewed aviation can operate harmoniously.

    Task Tailored Training

    Our bespoke training services enable operators to deploy simple or complex UAS mission.

    We have trained the RAF and Royal Navy personnel to execute swarm missions with minimum operator burden.

    Our training facilities including classroom, technical manuals, immersive training simulators and instructors, airspace/test ranges, suitable UAVs and synthetic environments.

    Our engineers integrate BlueBear tools into existing Client training facilities or provide completely bespoke solutions on request. Our licensed software tools act as the glue which connects synthetic training components seamlessly for effective collective training.