Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) come in many versions and due to their relatively small size and ability to fly without an on-board pilot (remote control or autonomously), have endless applications.


Commercial Sector

The commercial UAV market is one of the fastest growing sectors and once legislation has caught up, will be integrated in every industry.

At Blue Bear, we supply solutions to specific problems saving time and money without risk to personnel.
The versatility and reliability of our unmanned systems allows them to do the jobs that are too dull, dirty or dangerous for your workforce.

Critical infrastructure

Key infrastructures are what keep a society stable and key to a stable economy. Whether it’s roads, bridges, waterways, airports or railways; maintenance of these structures can be costly, difficult and dangerous.

Blue Bear offer solutions to inspect, monitor and manage, saving time, money and risk.

SmartBoomerang Autonomous path following capability for aerial inspection robots

Blue Bear Systems Research Ltd and the University of Bristol were successful in being awarded a grant from a competition by the TSB (Technology Strategy Board) to solve the problem of costly repetitive routine inspection and structural surveillance of large structures in complex environments.
Blue Bear have rotary UAS, Guidance Navigation and Control algorithms for complex environments, while the University of Bristol have developed and demonstrated accurate SLAM algorithms on-board Blue Bear rotary UAS platforms. Combined, they have a UAS capable of operating beyond line of sight (BLOS) in controlled environments to capture high quality surveillance. Rotary platforms
Fixed wing aircraft – iSTART

Possible applications: Energy, Radiation monitoring & measurement, Water, Food & agriculture, Construction, Environmental, Conservation and Meteorological.


With unmanned technology advancing at a rate not experienced in any other industry, tailoring that technology to the likes of Agriculture which has advanced at a much slower pace is no small task.

We are now in the age where virtual Shepparding , and remote sensing are now common phrases amongst farmers. Drones are becoming an additional tool in the tool box for farmers and the Multispectral data captured provides a valuable insight into the state of the ground and crop.

Farmers are now able to save considerable time and money utilising real time data sets.

Bluebear, a leader in autonomy are now launching their own Agriculture based fixed wing Agri-Start. With a flight time of 90 minutes, equipped with its Multispectral stabilised payload, and utilising Blue Bears OSC, we have the ability to cover 6k Sq.

Defence Sector

Surveillance, detection and counter measures

Blue Bear have been working within the defence sector for over 14 years providing a suite of unmanned systems to both the aerospace and maritime markets. We have the expertise to provide complete systems or can easily integrate with your equipment to deliver a robust solution.

We operate a family of UAS under a UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) ‘Permission to Operate’ (an enhanced Permission in our case reflecting a long history of safe operations), which include:

A foldable, fixed wing platform called iSTART with all European content, small enough to fit in a backpack and can be easy operated by only one person.  This versatile vehicle is launched by hand, has plug ‘n’ play payloads and will fly autonomously. The mission planning is via a ‘point and click’ interface where you task it to ‘look here, land there’.  This unmanned system provides eyes into sky where and when you need them, relaying vital information without risking personnel.

Blackstart is a larger fixed wing option that is also hand launched and belly landed.  Its greater endurance of approximately 90 minutes allows it to stay where you want it for longer, relaying full motion video or other important data. The system’s small footprint makes it easy to move around, so you can operate close to the action without sacrificing other resources that are needed and the Blackstart is scalable so it can be adapted to your specific payload requirements.

Our systems are remotely controlled or flown autonomously using our SNAP® autopilot and avionics. An easily accessible Matlab Simulink® interface allows SNAP® to be readily programmed to control platforms and on-board systems. SNAP® can also be used to provide autonomy to maritime vehicles and was recently used in (Autonomous Surface Vehicles) ASV’s vehicle to demonstrate the utility of USVs in the determination of unlawful activity at sea.

SNAP-NET® is a network enabled version of SNAP® which allows multiple autopilots to exchange information efficiently, enabling co-ordinated control of separate platforms over mobile ad-hoc networks, as well as distributed control of physically large systems, where several autopilots may be used as local sub-system controllers.

Your choice of sensor will detect, capture, relay and analyse information in ‘real time’ to the operator via our Nexus® Ground Control Station. Our flexible, open systems architecture can be configured to meet the processing, I/O, video and graphics needs of a variety of different rugged applications.

Possible applications: conflict zones, counter-terrorism, anti-piracy, drug interdiction, patrol and surveillance operations. Military, Coast Guard, Search and rescue, border protection and law enforcement.

Emergency Sector

Rapid deployment and response are key to the emergency services in order to ensure public health and safety.
Our systems deploy quickly and easily giving you eyes in the sky where and when you need them, relaying ‘real time’ data for immediate assessment of any situation.

Rotary platforms
Their size and versatility teamed with our autonomous Safepilot (SNAP®), means that our systems can fly into inaccessible areas that are too dangerous for personnel to enter, giving you critical ‘real time’ information.

Possible applications: Disaster site monitoring & mapping, post disaster relief operations, forest fire operations support, fire scene inspection, critical infrastructure inspection, crowd surveillance, criminal car tracking and road & highway traffic monitoring.

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