Blue Bear Systems Research Ltd

The leading supplier of innovative research and product-based solutions in the field of unmanned systems, mission systems, avionics, sensor payloads and data exploitation.


Blue Bear’s capabilities include design and development of entire unmanned systems, such as full flight systems design & development, ground control systems D&D, flight service provision, flight safety case provision, advanced modelling & simulation and system certification.


Blue Bear are committed to providing value adding, effective solutions in rapid timescales in support of military and civil markets within maritime, air and land domains worldwide. Standard and bespoke products are available to meet all customer requirements.


Unmanned systems (UAVs, UGV, UxV, UUV, USV and drones) come in many versions, sizes, shapes and configurations. They can be used for commercial, security and defence applications, including agriculture, inspection, border security and ISTAR.

Blue Bear Group

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About Us

We are Blue Bear Systems Research, pioneers of autonomy and unmanned systems; evolving unmanned concepts, regardless of size and complexity, at an unmatched pace.

We deliver efficient solutions, professional services and commercial results, supporting both military and civil markets worldwide, with agility, passion and innovation.

Our mission is for ‘a Blue Bear heart and brain to be in every unmanned system’.  We are renowned for innovation and rapid technology integration and maturation of ’best of breed’ UK technology.

Cost Effective

We are committed to delivering cost effective solutions to our customers on time and on budget.

Customer Commitment

Blue Bear delivers technical excellence through innovative and agile process.

Flexible and Quality Assured

We build superior quality into manned, automated and autonomous systems.

Our partners

Collaboration with Tier 1 to Tier 3 suppliers, SMEs and Academia broadens the scope of the capability offering.

Our Story

Blue Bear are one of the oldest unmanned systems companies in the UK. We have been working with autonomy and unmanned systems for over 18 years. On our journey we have had many UK and international ‘firsts’, and pride ourselves in being at the forefront of unmanned systems and autonomy research and development.

Blue Bear Timeline

Meet the Team

Yoge Patel

Yoge Patel


Yoge is a respected figure in the Aerospace industry with a passion for providing discriminatory solutions to military and commercial sectors of the Unmanned Systems and Autonomy markets. Yoge has 25+ years’ experience of bidding and delivering high risk innovations in manned and unmanned systems in partnership with multi-disciplinary, multi-national teams across industry and academia.

Still a techie at heart, Yoge left QinetiQ to lead the Blue Bear Group in 2006. AT QinetiQ she led pan-site programmes on UAS Design and Development and fast jet Flight Clearance and Air Worthiness, Stores Integration, Simulation. She sits on UK Defence & Security Boards and is often asked to represent SMEs in the Defence Sector at strategic levels.

Ian Williams-Wynn

Ian Williams-Wynn

Managing Director

Ian started his career in the military and has been involved with unmanned and autonomous systems for over 24 years. Ian has contributed to ground breaking research including novel power and propulsion systems, sensor technologies, avionics, communications, platforms, T&E and LVC modelling & simulation.  His experience covers a broad spectrum of domains including space, air, maritime and land in both defence and civil sectors, and more recently connected autonomous cars and infrastructure.

Gavin Goudie

Gavin Goudie

Operations Director

Gavin is responsible for liaising with end users and regulators to deliver high profile multinational programmes. He combines his engineering skills with in-depth knowledge of aviation requirements; through professional and personal interests in the field.

As CEO of MRO Drone, Gavin is leading the development of the RAPID (Remote Automated Plane Inspection & Dissemination) system, under a joint venture between Blue Bear & Output42.

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