BlueBear are an experienced Agile Systems Integrator for Robotic & Autonomous Systems in Air, Land & Sea

We deliver collaborative, AI-enabled autonomous swarm systems for the most complex of applications, using best of breed teams and equipment from across the globe

We are pleased to announce that from 31st August 2023 BlueBear Systems Research has been acquired by Saab UK Ltd.


Agile Systems Integration

Our multi-disciplinary processes will deliver your Robotics & Autonomous Systems (RAS) at pace using in-house capability. It starts with us understanding your capability requirements and it ends with a product that is as complex or as simple as you need.


We work with you to deliver your solutions using pioneering technology, tools and processes matured over 23 years. ‘More Digital’ design, implementation and test lies at the heart of our approach.

Our modern suite of test and evaluation facilities, combined with our safety management processes, de-risks your solutions rapidly and affordably.

Our long standing liaison with Regulators means you do not have to worry about specialist knowledge in testing and operating complex robotic systems.


We create RAS and systems-of-systems (swarms) to your requirement using our software and hardware ‘enablers’ comprising:

  • Configurable Autonomy toolbox to create bespoke autonomy solutions using proven software modules.
  • SmartConnect avionics to provide a wide range of specialist functions, e.g. GPS/GNSS denied flight.
  • Centurion and Nexus Mission Systems for command and control with minimal operator burden.
  • Digital Twins for design, test and training.


We can be Systems Integrators for your platform or uncrew your existing air, land and maritime platforms. We take 3rd party UAVs, UGV, USV, UUVs of all shapes and sizes and transform them to deliver intelligent ‘button press’ capability to users.

We tackle Defence, Security and Commercial applications including: ISR, ISTAR, GPS/GNSS denied operations, secure communciations, border control, logistics, last mile delivery, critical infrastructure inspection, vehicle inspection, agritech.

Many Drones Make Light Work

In 2020 we delivered a game-changing ‘UK first’ capability for the RAF and Dstl. A collaborative swarm of 20 UAVs executing a series of surveillance detection, tracking and assessment and analysis tasks under single operator control

220 sorties were conducted using 20 BlueBear UAVs fitted with many 3rd party sensors and payloads designed to disrupt and remove a networked threat

Our Autonomy, SmartConnect and Centurion Mission System technology now underpins the RAF’s new 216 Squadron for swarming drones

Royal Marines Human-Machine-Teaming Training

In 2021 we developed CONOPs and provided training to the UK Royal Marines so their operators could
co-ordinate an autonomous swarm of heavy load lift UAVs for logistics support

Another ‘UK first’ capability using our Autonomy solutions, Centurion Mission System and SmartConnect avionics

OCEAN 2020

Our COBRA UAS operated under BVLOS conditions 15km offshore. Blue Bear integrated their Collaborative Autonomy with automatic taskings from 3rd party Maritime Combat Systems. This allowed high level mission operators to directly task the UAV and sensor feed, supporting collaboration with air and sea-based systems.

Loyal Wingman

Blue Bear, as Design Authority, delivered the Mosquito Loyal Wingman concept using a best-in-class consortium under the UK MOD’s Lightweight Affordable Novel Combat Aircraft programme. Our agile Systems Integration services enabled us to generate a ‘Design for Manufacture’ of the full-scale multi-tonne Mosquito in 1 year and, subsequently, under our own funding, manufacture and fly a subscale variant in an unprecedented timescale of just 6 weeks.

Our modular, open architecture avionics, that underpins all of our systems (including on 3rd party vehicles), lay at the heart of rapid design and test.