Avionics Hardware & Software

Our mature avionics hardware and software is the secret sauce behind BlueBear’s succesful delivery of so many complex RAS solutions at un-precedented pace and our national or world first achievements.

We offer a suite of next generation Avionics and Mission System products that have been flight proven over 15 years of trials on our 3rd party platforms and our own platforms. These avionics underpin the core Autonomous Vehicle Management Systems for UxVs.

  • SmartConnect™ avionics range provides specialist functions for UxVs
  • SNAP® avionics is an advanced, low form factor, multi-purpose autopilot
  • CENTURION™ Mission System for agile C3 (command, control and communication) of RAS swarms using an Human-Machine-Interface developed in conjunction with Military Advisors
  • NEXUS® Ground Control Station allows operators to command and control single UAVs, with a task tailored HMI designed to your specification if desired

With significant investment over 10 years our avionics are specifically designed to be Open Architecture, allowing very rapid integration of 3rd party hardware e.g. :

  • AI for different mission tasks/applications
  • Any communication bearer or mechanism (e.g. SATCOM, mesh datalinks, 4g/5g, transponders, ADSB)
  • Sensors, payloads, IMUs
  • Encryption
  • Health monitoring systems
  • Actuators
  • Engines

offering customers high value capability without significant system re-design and integration. It also hosts our in-house software:

  • Autonomy for singleton and swarm operations
  • Guidance, Navigation & Control
  • Sensor fusion to provide GPS/GNSS denied operations
  • Precision manoeuvre (e.g. landings) for specialist tasks



Autonomy Solutions

Our Configurable Autonomy Framework (CAF) has been developed over 12 years to rapidly prototype next generation autonomy concepts for vehicles, systems and data, before freezing final algorithms.

Bespoke Autonomy algorithms produced by CAF are used in single systems (e.g.. UxVs) and System-of-Systems (e.g. swarms, crewed-uncrewed teams). These algorithms are now in use by the UK military and have created world first mision capability.

They interface to 3rd party vehicles, sensors, payloads, AI algorithms as well as BlueBear hardware and software products, typically producing RAS solutions for complex missions.

Our implementation is next generation Open Architectures at the core for rapid prototyping, implementation, upgrade or replacement of autonomy functions.


Modelling & Simulation

We offer services for the provision and application of bespoke Simulators, Simulations and Digital Twins to create fit-for-purpose digital environments to design, implement and test solutions.

The modelling and simulation tools de-risk and deliver:

  • Concept of Operations (CONOPs)
  • Concepts/Products
  • Assurance evidence
  • Training

Our Digital Twins blend Live assets (e.g.. UAVs in flight) with Virtual (e.g. vehicle simulators) and Constructive actions (e.g. autonomy behaviours) using:

  • Hardware-in-the-loop/software-in-the loop rigs
  • Software emulators & Hardware test harnesses
  • CONOPs tools
  • Human-Machine-Interfaces
  • Training tools
  • 3rd party Synthetic Environments
  • 3rd party tools for analysis and analytics

Our Digital Twins interface with BlueBear Avionics, Mission Systems and Configurable Autonomy Framework to provide an audit trail from CONOPS to Assurance and training.

We also produce simulators of platforms/aircraft and their subsystems (engines, radars, sensors and payloads, actuators etc).