Commercial Sector

The commercial UAV market is one of the fastest growing sectors and once legislation has caught up, will be integrated in every industry.

At Blue Bear, we supply solutions to specific problems saving time and money without risk to personnel.
The versatility and reliability of our unmanned systems allows them to do the jobs that are too dull, dirty or dangerous for your workforce.

Critical infrastructure

Key infrastructures are what keep a society stable and key to a stable economy. Whether it’s roads, bridges, waterways, airports or railways; maintenance of these structures can be costly, difficult and dangerous.

Blue Bear offer solutions to inspect, monitor and manage, saving time, money and risk.

SmartBoomerang Autonomous path following capability for aerial inspection robots

Blue Bear Systems Research Ltd and the University of Bristol were successful in being awarded a grant from a competition by the TSB (Technology Strategy Board) to solve the problem of costly repetitive routine inspection and structural surveillance of large structures in complex environments.
Blue Bear have rotary UAS, Guidance Navigation and Control algorithms for complex environments, while the University of Bristol have developed and demonstrated accurate SLAM algorithms on-board Blue Bear rotary UAS platforms. Combined, they have a UAS capable of operating beyond line of sight (BLOS) in controlled environments to capture high quality surveillance.

Possible applications: Energy, Radiation monitoring & measurement, Water, Food & agriculture, Construction, Environmental, Conservation and Meteorological.