Renowned military Aerosystems Course visits Blue Bear

Blue Bear was lucky enough to be visited by the military’s ‘Aerosystems Course’, a year-long course for those who are going to be involved in the procurement or R&D of military-based aircraft systems.

For those who have taken the course and colloquially within the military, it is typically called the ‘Hard Sums’ course, as it is a test pilot’s course for those who sit in the back seats.

Sqn Ldr Nicholas Davies, Course Manager for the Aerosystems Course at RAF Cranwell (third from right said: “Last time we visited Blue Bear there were five members of staff (in 2004). The physical scale of the enterprise has increased, and the work that is done by the company has increased massively – as has the technology during that time.

“The main aim of our visits is to expose our students to advances in technology – what’s currently happening in technology and what is going to happen in the future. Blue Bear are at the cutting edge of particularly UAV technology and this is going to allow our students in the short term to feed into their projects now – but in the future it is going to allow them to work with technology and understand and apply the knowledge they are getting in operations and acquisition capability development of all of the forces. Thank you very much for having us."

As part of the course, the students – who are all experienced navigators, weapons systems officers, operators and observers, are able to visit those within the industry (Blue Bear) to hear what is going on. During this term, the group have visited companies including BAE Systems, Thales, QuinetiQ, Rolls-Royce, MBDA and Raytheon.

During their visit, the students were able to gain an insight into what the company does – in particular the new technologies that Blue Bear works within, such as our bio-technology projects and innovations, autonomy and unmanned systems.

By the end of their course, which will finish at the end of July, the students will have completed modules on telecoms, radar, digital communications, information systems and airborne computing, and electro optics. 

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