Engineers of the future: opening our doors to Sharnbrook school

After a visit from Sharnbrook Upper School and Community College, we may have unearthed some engineers of the future.

On 16 July 2015, we invited 20 keen GCSE engineering and product design students into our business for the day to find out if the pupils had what it takes to work in such a fast-paced sector.

“This group could be the next generation of future engineers and product designers. Our industry moves at an incredible pace, which means that introducing youngsters to the industry and engaging with them on a level which will help them decide whether the role is right for them is crucial at this age”, explained Chief Executive Dr Yoge Patel.

Our employees took turns to explain their unique engineering and design roles to the students; who also had the opportunity to control the company’s target-tracking drone (photos, right), Blackstart, and create their own flying machines with just a sheet of A4 paper and Blu-Tack.

Eliza, aged 15, a pupil at Sharnbrook School, may now be looking to pursue a career in product design. She said: “I really enjoyed watching the drones fly and studying product design. The whole day has been really inspiring; it’ll give me a lot of ideas for my coursework!”

We already offer students studying at a higher education level the chance to do an internship, with a number of interns passing through the ranks already. After completing his placement, Robin was offered the role as a Control Engineer.

If you are student in secondary or higher education and are interested in a career in engineering or product design, visit

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