Pioneers of autonomy and unmanned drones, Blue Bear, and intelligent sensing specialists, Createc, recently launched the new RISER Inspection System, a drone that can automatically inspect planes for damage.

Hailstones, lightning strikes and even normal wear and tear cause damage which can, ultimately, cost millions in loss of revenue whilst the aircraft is grounded for inspection and repair.

RISER took centre stage at easyJet’s Innovation Day in Milan as part of their annual Exposition. On the day, as well as routine inspection, RISER demonstrated the ability to detect and avoid collisions with people and aircraft and operate indoors. However, that is not all it can do, as Technical Director of Blue Bear Systems, Dr Ian Cowling explains:

“In Milan we showcased one of RISER’s capabilities, which is the scanning of aircraft to check for any missing rivets, dents or holes. However, that’s not all it can do, it can automatically scan and inspect almost anything including ships, railway lines, oil rigs and other critical infrastructure.

“RISER has also been inspecting nuclear facilities for contamination for a while too and we look forward to exploring other applications. Automation is the future. It reduces the training burden in the operation of drones and radically enhances the efficiency of the inspection, especially in ‘hard to reach’ zones.”
Createc are the brains behind the visual side of the project, most notably the platform’s 3D mapping ability.

Dr Matt Mellor, Director of the company said: “Our RISER drone is able to build a 3D picture of the world around itself automatically and ‘on the fly’. This 3D image then becomes the map by which RISER navigates, independent of GPS or any other external equipment. This capability, along with all of the other unique abilities, is essential for safe and efficient inspection of any infrastructure.“
Both companies are re-known for their innovative products. RISER was initially a ‘world first’ development for the inspection of nuclear decommissioned buildings which humans could not enter. This first project was funded by INNOVATE UK, formerly the Technology Strategy Board.

The civil applications of drones for remote surveillance are endless, as evidenced by the international upsurge in their use over the last two years. The RISER Inspection System can be tailored to specific indoor applications and has been designed to operate outdoors at up to 3km standoff distance. The potential to use the drone to reduce inspection time and cost for different industry sectors is being explored by the two companies with intent to release a wider RISER product range within 12-18 months.
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