We'll be helping out at this year's Innovation Symposium

Blue Bear CEO Yoge Patel will be speaking at the forthcoming Innovation Symposium, on 13 May, organised by and taking place at Cranfield University.

The ability to innovate has long been regarded as the key to survival and success in an increasingly unpredictable world where increasing global connectivity brings about rapid changes in understanding and perspective.  Innovation is seen by government as one of the United Kingdom's strengths and considerable efforts through organisations such as 'Innovate UK' are being made to exploit it.

The UK MOD is, by nature, conservative and, while recognising at policy levels that innovation in all its forms can bring considerable benefit, in a climate of financial stringency it is not keen to stray from what it knows and is familiar with.  Nonetheless, it is at just such times that innovation can bring about the greatest rewards by initiating a 'butterfly effect' where small changes in initial conditions can produce a large effect down-stream.

The purpose of this inaugural symposium on Innovation is to explore how best MOD can create or locate and exploit innovation to meet its needs now and in the future.  The intention is to focus on technical innovation while recognising that it can bring changes in organisation and culture to be truly successful.  This follows on from a MOD inspired workshop "Contracting for Openness" held in October 2014.

To do this, the symposium will look at 4 themes:

Why innovate?
What innovation does MOD need?
Where is the innovation?
What does MOD need to do to exploit it?

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