How Navy's future 'robot wars' will have a place for British business (The Telegraph)

Blue Bear has been been featured on the Telegraph online. Chief Executive Officer, Dr Yoge Patel, spoke about how the company's platforms can be the 'eyes and ears' of the Navy.

She said: “Our technology allows drones go away and do something on their own,” said Dr Patel, chief executive. “The UK is absolutely at the forefront of drone technology - just look at our heritage. We have led the way in seafaring and engineering.”

Blue Bear has developed small surface vessels capable of collision detection and avoidance and the company sees itself providing the equipment for smaller vessels deployed off Navy ships for duties including reconnaissance.

“We’re looking at systems deployed despatched main vessels to scout ahead or act as a communications array,” said Dr Patel. “At the moment the Navy uses helicopters which are expensive and most ships can only carry one of them.”

As well as extending defensive perimeter around manned ships, Blue Bear believes MAS could in the future be used for dangerous work such as mine-clearing or laying.

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