November 2014 - Blue Bear’s maritime capabilities to be demonstrated at the new Centre for Maritime Intelligent Systems (CMIS)

A £4m Centre for Maritime Intelligent Systems (CMIS) in Portsdown Technology Park was officially opened by the Minister for Portsmouth Matthew Hancock this week. This will be the country’s centre of excellence for the unmanned vessel industry.

Blue Bear has integrated its Multiple Vehicle Integration Testbed (MUVIT) into the CMIS’ Synthetic Environments (SE), for the rapid development of manned and unmanned concepts. 

MUVIT facilitates the delivery of a capability from requirement capture right through to sea trialled systems with hardware and software in-the-loop testing.  Blue Bear’s World Class Autonomy and Automation solutions are hosted on vessels using the SNAP® Flight Management System and the Nexus® Ground Control Station, which have been proven over many years in the air domain.

Dr Yoge Patel, Blue Bear’s CEO commented, ‘The air domain has benefited from the engagement of SMEs[BD(5]  like Blue Bear, to develop cutting edge manned and unmanned technologies.  The CMIS is all about collaboration between companies large and small, to energise the maritime industry in line with the UK Defence Growth Partnership’s (DGP) strategy’.

Blue Bear is a SME representative for the UK’s DGP.

For more information on the DGP, please click here.

To read more about the CMIS opening by Matthew Hancock, please click here.


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